Your new floor must be maintained. Floors that need to be repaired due to neglect will not be covered in warranty and will be subject to full repair prices.
Your Custom Interior Floor will last a long time if properly maintained. Felt Pads should be affixed to heavy furnishings or those which will move frequently. Use the same precautions you would use for a Hard Wood Floor. A Door Mat at the outside (Hemp or Rope style) and one on the inside entrance of a home will pick up over 85% of the dirt that would otherwise be tracked inside. Here is how to care for your floor:
Daily dust mopping – Daily dust mopping removes the fine dust and grit which can grind away floor finish. It will help prevent major floor finish deterioration caused by normal foot traffic. The best results are obtained by using a Micro-Fiber Dust Mop.
The following procedures should be followed:
1. Dust mop the floor in one continuous movement without lifting the mop off the floor. Overlap your stroke on each pass (you can also vacuum).
2. Clean the dust mop after each use by shaking it outdoors, brushing it with a brush over a garbage can, or vacuuming it.
3. NEVER use a “Swiffer Wet-Jet” type of cleaning tool. The liquid in these devices contain trace amounts of Solvent material. The Solvent will not harm the sealer but will cause the Sealer Finish to streak or egg-shell. Also, you should not use Bleach or Pine Sol.
Damp mopping – use warm water
Damp mopping with warm water and about ½ oz of ammonia per gallon of warm water or the use of a pH neutral cleaner can be used. The deal with any cleaner is that you need to make sure you do a thorough rinse. Any amount of cleaning solution left on the surface will put a haze on the finish making it look dull. This is why I recommend just warm water with a little ammonia, the warm water cleans the surface and the ammonia will kill any germs on the surface.
Your new floor will be ready to be put back into service 24 hours after completion. Longer time frames may be needed in the cooler months.
Even though our coating is highly abrasion resistant, it is not completely impervious to scratching or damage. Please have someone help you move the heavy stuff so you can lift and set in place without dragging. It is also a good idea to place felt pads under the legs of items such as chairs that will get moved a lot.
Dropping and throwing items at the floor can damage it so try to avoid this if at all possible. The coating is very durable but if whatever you drop cracks or chips the concrete it will do the same to the coating.
The clear coat we use does’t like other stuff sticking to it which makes it great as a clear top coat. This said though it is not stain proof. If you drop paint, stain, oil, etc on the surface you will need to clean it up and not let it set on the surface for weeks.
Battery acid is one of the few things that will hurt the coating. This can be touched up but will not be covered under the warranty. Consider getting a Golf Cart Parking Mat.
Got a motorcycle? Put a pad under the kick stand. Again the coating is very abrasion resistant but not abrasion proof and can where down on the shine of your new floor.
Got a grill on your patio? Put a pad under it to catch any drippings. This goes along with placing drip pans under you flower pots, the caustic nature of fertilizer being carried by the water out the bottom of your flower pot can leave stain on the coating.
To clean you new floor simple hose off the surface and squeegee dry.

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