Versatile Coatings concrete repair is a faster and better solution to your traditional concrete cement based repair material. It is up to 3 times stronger and maintains more flexibility which helps it to withstand temperature extremes in the concrete without failing. It has an outstanding bond to the existing concrete and can be applied from a feather edge to as thick as required in one pass. The repairs are ready for traffic in 1 HOUR from the completion of the applications and this product can be applied vertically or horizontally.

With unmatched strength and endurance, our concrete repair material withstands extreme abuse without breaking apart, cracking, de-bonding or popping out.

The most versatile, durable and unique product of its kind, it is the long-term concrete repair solution for spalling concrete, broken curbs and joints.

Our product enables repair to concrete, asphalt, wood or steel – on horizontal, vertical and overhead surfaces in a fraction of the time other methods require. Even the most severe, yet successful applications include airport runways, bridges, curbs, decks, freezer rooms, loading docks and ramps, stairways and steps, walkways and on joints in freight terminals and warehouses with the scraping and crushing brutality of loaded forklifts.

Curb Repair


  • -broken curbs
  • -spalling concrete
  • -broken stairs
  • -any broken piece of concrete



  • -it saves you MONEY!
  • -there is no need to tear out existing concrete
  • -you will get a faster return to service
  • -it is ready for traffic in 1 hour or less
  • -it is up to 3 times stronger than concrete