Versatile Coatings LLC concrete waterproofing is a product you apply once to your concrete and it NEVER has to be applied again. It has been measured to penetrate up to 6 inches into concrete and once inside it turns into a gel ensuring it will move and grove with your concrete during freeze/thaw cycles and your normal temperature swings.
Waterproofing your concrete from day 1 is the best alternative but if you have an older structure my product will still solve your moisture problem. The product can be applied from the negative side so no excavation required saving you time and money.
As good as this product is though it will not bridge a gap in the concrete such as a crack. Cracks have to be treated with our Foam Injection material. This is accomplished by inserting ports along the length of the crack and than injecting our polyurethane foam material into each port until the crack is full.
These two products combined can completely seal your concrete from the negative effects of moisture penetrating your concrete.



  • -Underground structures (garages, basements, parking structures)
  • -Warehouse floors
  • -patios
  • -Pools and ponds
  • -Brick
  • -Anywhere else moisture is a problem



  • -it has no VOC’s
  • -it reduces the humidity in your structure
  • -it is a low cost solution to your water penetration problem
  • -it helps to neutralize internal corrosion of the re-bar
  • -it stays pliable, allowing concrete to breathe
  • -it adds density and bonding strength
  • -it waterproofs
  • -it can be applied to the negative side (it will push the water back)
  • -it stops efflorescents
  • -it has been tested to penetrate up to 7 inches